Her finder du kommende events i DGI Huset Nordkraft

Lørdag d. 1. April 2023 – Yoga for Spring Detox & Flat Tummy

This Yoga workshop shines the spotlight on poses that promote internal cleansing and circulation. We will also explore diverse versions of ab-building poses, but not only! You will leave the workshop with a clear understanding on why ab-building poses alone cannot do the trick for flat tummies, and what complementary poses and postural adjustments are necessary too.

Please note that this workshop is not suitable for pregnant women. All levels are otherwise welcome. It is advised to have a light lunch before (a huge meal right before might not feel really great). The workshop is 2-hrs and will be led in English

Instruktør: Vanille
Dato: Lørdag d. 1. April
Kl.: 14:00-16:00
Pris: 120kr (2 klip)


Mandag d. 3/4 2023 – Onsdag d. 5/4 – Påskelegeland

Mandag, tirsdag og onsdag påskeugen, inviterer vi indenfor til et kæmpe Påskelegeland. DGI Hallen laves om til et stort legeland med klatring, spring og leg for børn og barnlige sjæle.
Entrépris: kr. 50,- eller 1 klip pr. person (børn under 2 år kommer gratis ind).
I kan booke jeres billetter online eller købe dem ved ankomst i receptionen.

Dato: Søndag d. 2/4 – onsdag d. 5/4
Kl.: 12:00-15:00
Pris pr person: kr. 50,- eller 1 klip (Børn u. 2 år gratis)

Lørdag d. 22. April 2023 – Women Circle

Dear you, Beautiful, Wonderful Woman! The date for our next circle is set!

What does empowered and sacred feminine mean, feel and is for you? For us; to each, and everyone of us?

Women circles offer a wonderful safe and nurturing space to share our truth, to open our hearts and to heal our wounds.

They are a beautiful opportunity to connect, get to know each other and support one another

‘If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together’
African proverb, anonymous.

The workshop will include tea and little snacks.

Open to women of all ages and backgrounds, no previous experience needed.

Instruktør: Vanille
Dato: Lørdag d. 22. April, Room 6.8 at level 6. 
Kl.: 14:00-16:00
Pris: 120kr (2 klip)


Lørdag d. 24. Juni 2023 – Celebrating Summer

Let’s celebrate the sun on the longest day of the year! The solstice signifies transition into prosperous, abundant times of summer, where we have more opportunities to connect outside of ourselves and with nature. Be ready for a solar Yoga practice and a purposeful transition to summer!

The workshop is 2-hrs and will be led in English. No prior experience necessary, and options will be given for beginners as well as more advanced Yogis and Yoginis. However, please note that a decent level of fitness is recommended to make the most of this dynamic practice.

PS – You do NOT need to be at your peak level. Just make sure you do not come straight out of an injury or something like that

Instruktør: Vanille
Dato: Lørdag d. 24. Juni
Kl.: 14:00-16:00
Pris: 120kr (2 klip)


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